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How to Plan for Emissions Testing

When planning for an emissions test, there are many factors that the test team will need to be made aware of in order to complete a successful test in a timely fashion. Many times, these same factors can influence the cost of the project; therefore it may be beneficial to mention any pertinent information in your Request for a Quotation.

Prior to the start of any project, our team leaders discuss job specifics with the client to assure proper understanding of all job requirements. Each project is reviewed to confirm that proper testing procedures and methodologies will be employed. Our objective is to address each job requirement with maximum efficiency, in terms of utilizing the most proven technologies, while minimizing time for completion.


  • Type of source and operational hours
  • Location of source (maps are beneficial)
  • Name of plant technical contact, telephone, and facsimile numbers
  • Safe access to source, physical dimensions of source, elevation, and any special requirements (i.e., confined space entry)
  • Proposed test dates and special schedule requirements (i.e., test between certain hours)
  • Operational permits and any special request from the regulatory agency
  • Clearance of testing personnel and vehicles
  • Coordination of process conditions


  • Prepare necessary pretest documentation for notification to regulatory agency
  • Setup of sampling equipment and modification to allow for test to be accomplished in a timely fashion
  • Test in accordance to USEPA or State’s Reference Methodology
  • Coordination of test times with facilities representative
  • Calibration of test equipment
  • Analysis of test samples, computation, and reporting of final results


Four (4) inch inside diameter ports are adequate for the majority of the tests, however some test apparatus require up to a six (6) inch inside diameter test port. If there are no existing sample ports or new ports need to be installed, GCI will assist with the sample port layout and the number of ports required.

  • GCI Crew members require safe access to the test location.
  • Scaffolding or lifts should be provided prior to the arrival of the GCI test crew (if necessary).
  • Site accessibility by cargo vehicle for transportation of test equipment is appreciated.
  • Test Vehicle Power Requirements - Single phase, 220 volt 30 amp or 110 volts 20 amp, grounded electric service within approximately 50 feet of the sample location. (Differs by Mobile Lab)
  • Test Location Power Requirements – Two, 110 Volt 20 amp individual power circuits.

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