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Mercury RATAs

Mercury Sampling Services

In order to meet the rapidly developing needs of industry, GCI's Mercury Division offers specialized Mercury sampling services, including the following: 

The Mercury Division team is specially trained to meet the demands of Mercury Testing and Mercury Characterization Testing. Over the last twenty-five years GCI has done hundreds of Mercury testing projects.

In 2007,  Test Method 30B (sorbent trap sampling) was added to GCI’s list of Mercury testing capabilities that already included Test Methods 29, 101A and ASTM D6784-02 (Ontario Hydro). Since then we have built a large 30B sampling equipment inventory that allows us to sample at multiple locations simultaneously.

To further meet the needs of Mercury CEMS evaluation and to support Injection Study test programs, the GCI Mercury Division is equipped with three Mobile Laboratories capable of completing on-site sorbent trap analysis using the Ohio Lumex RA-915+ analyzer.

High Temperature / Dust Loading Environments using 30B

In order to meet the need of its clients, GCI expanded and improved its sorbent trap testing capabilities to be able to measure mercury upstream of the stack exit, at points in the effluent stream where high temperature or high dust loading would typically prevent the application of sorbent tube sampling.  To account for these conditions, GCI follows the following procedure to ensure results are as accurate as possible:

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