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Precision Flow©

Precision Flow© equipment

Precision Flow© probe

Calibrations using wind tunnel

Pitot tube calibrations

GCI has developed a multi-probe flow RATA program called Precision Flow© that includes the Electronic Flow measurement portions of Methods 2H and 2G. GCI uses four probes mounted to the stack ports that allow several readings at each point with Delta P, Temperature and Angle averaged for each reading. This provides greater accuracy and also allows the Flow RATAs to be performed in one hour per load. This method reduces the high bias associated with manual flow methods but does not drastically affect the cost of the testing.

Precision Flow© follows USEPA Methods 2G and 2H without modifications. GCI uses Method 4 for moisture determinations and Precision Flow© can be performed on the same day as the gas RATAs. The yaw angle determination described by Method 2G is used for all test runs and the flow RATA can still be completed in one hour per load.

Advantages of Precision Flow© over Standard Method 2, 2G or 2F testing:

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Quality Assurance and Control

When it comes to equipment and calibrations, GCI cuts no corners with quality assurance and control. Our Precision Flow© equipment is no different. All of our proprietary pitot tubes go through extensive calibration and quality control procedures to ensure the equipment itself remains in pristine condition and to ensure all are in strict accordance with EPA specifications.

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